Do you have a doubt about your Battery performing at its peak? Then, it may be the right time to get your vehicle’s battery a health check in order to see if you are in need of a new one or if it only requires some maintenance or charging.  Whichever the way, the professionals at Champions for batteries service have all the vehicle battery testing tools needed to test batteries of different vehicles such as cars, trucks, boats, motorcycle, and all kinds of vehicles to make sure that we know precisely what capacity your battery has.

To find out if your battery is fully charged, you will require to calculate your battery’s state of charge. The Automotive Battery and car battery diagnostic Abu Dhabi as well as the testing services available from ‘Champions For Batteries Service’ enables you to know all the power and progress your car batteries, so you don’t get left stranded out on the roads. From cells to large battery packs, our battery testing center can offer the performance, durability, safety, and abuse testing you need to meet the latest industry and national and international standards and regulations.

We at Champions for batteries service pride ourselves on providing the best world-class services of car battery testing Abu Dhabi. We are utilizing the best electronic testing equipment to test and diagnose the batteries health.  Advance battery testing might be conducted with the help of a tester which measures Cranking Amps and Voltage of the battery by using a cold engine used as a simulator starting current draw.

Before considering your vehicles’ battery for regular testing and health check, here are some simple things you can perform to improve the health of your vehicles’ battery:

  1. Replace battery terminals only if required
  2. Fill up by using distilled water
  3. Ask service provider to check full electrical system and battery
  4. Clean battery terminals with a wire brush